Gene Gerrienne – How To Gain Respect In A Relationship Without Being A Douche

Gene Gerrienne

Gene is a Ex-Nice Guy, Ex-Macho. Raised by his grandma without a father figure Gene experienced significant childhood trauma and entered the dating market as a nice guy. Plagued by insecurities and shame, his relationships turned into hell. His initial antidote was the macho-approach. While successful in attracting women, this only made things worse. 

Tired by the lack of deep and emotional connection Gene set out on a path of self-discovery to finally heal. His healing was inspired by Carl Jung, Joe Dispenza and Sigmund Freud.

This path of self-love helped him attract and retain high-value women.

Because fundamentally women only love men who love themselves.

~One who has a 'why' to live for can endure any 'how'~



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