Nikki Donnelly – How To Stop Reliving Your Past Relationships

Nikki Donnelly

After experiencing a dramatic breakup that left her emotionally exhausted and a single mother of three, Nikki sought out to fix her traumas. After working with her therapists and coaches, they suggested to her that she should be a coach to people who suffered from a similar experience. 

Nikki jumped in feet first and became certified in NLP. hypno-therapy and EFT and works passionately with men and women that are going through the challenge of breaking up. Its Nikki's passion to "save them the five years it took her". 

Nikki primarily works 1:1 with clients and takes them through a transformational process of re-writing the internal story we tell ourselves about the trauma we have experienced around our breakups. She empowers her clients to step into a new paradigm of shifting your perspective into something empowering, healing and transformational. 


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