Kara Michelle  – Healing Global Trauma Through Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

Kara Michelle tells her compelling story of losing her brother at an early age and, not long after that, being traumatized  by rape. She describes how she healed her trauma by working with the subconscious mind and how she now helps others do the same.. 


Kara Michelle is a Mindset Coach & Quantum Healer. She helps people break free from their old stories and limitations to create the life of their dreams using subconscious reprogramming and energy work. After losing her brother and  not long after being sexually assaulted, and then having a traumatic car accident, Kara spent the last 8 years traveling the world and working with different Coaches and Healers to learn how to heal from her past and step into her power. Since this journey of self-healing, Kara has committed herself to sharing these tools with the world to help others heal their trauma, too.

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