Sasha Lasarev  – Healing Global Trauma Through Comedy Therapy

Sasha Lasarev shares his unique story of how he healed his childhood trauma from his abusive mother with standup comedy - and how you can, too.


Sasha (Alex) started his stand-up comedy career in 1997, as a way to process his highly traumatic childhood. He says, "It was cheaper than therapy!" By age 23, he was a big success. From 2009-2015, Alex accidentally built a global "cult following" as a dating coach: “Sasha Daygame.” During this period, Sasha discovered that one’s ability to attract amazing connections is directly correlated to how fully one loves and accepts himself. In 2015, Sasha founded the Infinite Man Summit, where he has inspired thousands of men to live fearlessly. 

Alex had his first spiritual awakening in 2009, which was followed by many more experiences. His Spiritual journey went “Full tilt” after he retired from teaching live dating courses in 2015. In 2016, Alex started the Woke As F**K Podcast, where he interviews beings who are on the path of self realization/self-love/enlightenment. 

Also around 2015 Alex taught his first “Comedy Therapy” workshop. In this training, Alex helps other humans see the funny side of their lives: even then “Crappy” parts. Attendees are then able to use humor to connect with other people more authentically. 

When asked what his greatest passion is, Alex is known to say things along the lines of “To remind everyone that we are all ONE infinite being, having infinite human experiences, of course!”

And other times, he says 

“I like reminding people that the only thing they need to do to be completely fulfilled is to remember their true nature… and start living their unique soul’s purpose authentically. THAT’s IT!”

And other times he smiles, and exclaims:  “I just love reminding people that love is a CHOICE… and the more you choose love, the more you remember you ARE love! So choose wisely!) ;)

Alex is a prolific content creator and performer, and is always making new videos, podcasts, and sketches. His main topics are awakening/healing/love. 

Alex is currently focusing on the creation of a new hour long comedy special/tour, and launching a conscious clothing line dedicated to spreading love vibrations worldwide. 

Alex currently performs regularly in Vancouver, Canada and can be found on @alexthecomic on instagram, www.Woke.AS, or

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