Alanna Hartzok  – Healing Global Trauma Through Psychosynthesis

Alanna Hartzok's Session Is Available May 10, Monday @ 9:00 AM CDT | 7:00 AM PT


Alanna Hartzok talks of her healing journey using psychosynthesis therapy. This in turn lead her to work with healing others as well as to discover important roots of war and human suffering, and eventually to how we can have peace on Earth. 


Alanna Hartzok is Co-Director of Earth Rights Institute, a civil society organization working for economic justice and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Specific approaches include ecological village development and “earth rights policies” for fair land tenure and public finance from a local-to-global framework. 

Under contract with the UN HABITAT’s Global Land Tool Network, she developed an online course and training program that now has over 900 people enrolled from 95 countries. Her website is here:

Her book – The Earth Belongs to Everyone - received the Radical Middle Book Award. Chapters include: Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy; Sharing Our Common Heritage; Land for People, Not for Profit; Financing Local to Global Public Goods; Women, Earth and Economic Power; Restructuring Economic Relationships; and Economics of War and Peace.

In 2014 she was the Democratic Party candidate for Congress for the 9th District of Pennsylvania. In 2011 she received the International Earth Day Award from the Earth Society Foundation. Her 2001 E.F. Schumacher Lecture was published as Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy.

In 1993, she initiated tax reform legislation and worked with state Senator Terry Punt and his staff to guide it through Pennsylvania legislative hearings to nearly unanimous passage of Senate Bill 211, signed by Governor Thomas Ridge as Act 108 in November of 1998.

She has lectured in 22 countries and her published articles on tax reform are used by legislators in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. Her articles are referenced in the literature of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) in California, a recent issue of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, Dialogues, a publication of the Canada West Foundation, and in several books, including the Worldwatch Institute book by David Roodman, The Natural Wealth of Nations and Creating a Sustainable World, an anthology edited by Trent Schroyer and Tom Golodik. She is one of several people featured in Planet Champions: Adventures in Saving the World - New Paths to Peace, Prosperity & Human Rights, authored by Jack Yost.

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