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Don Gies & Norie Huddle

Tip The Global Domino Summit Kick-Off "Party"

The first TIP THE GLOBAL DOMINO Summit was launched on Armistice Day: 11-11-2020, at 11:11am, by Norie and Don with a brief heartfelt prayer for Divine Guidance and Support to create Heaven on Earth and turn the Earth back into a Garden of Paradise.

On the first Armistice Day, 11-11-1918, at 11:11am, World War I was officially declared to be over. At the time, exactly 102 years ago, people believed and hoped that WWI was "the war to end all wars." With the launch of this TIP THE GLOBAL DOMINO Summit, we're building on this deep desire that almost all people share: a beautiful, peaceful, healthy, prosperous, just world that works well for all of us.

To achieve this, we are Gathering the Voices to weave together our collective wisdom to carry out this inspired work.

We are honored that YOU have joined us and hope you will help spread the GOOD NEWS! Thank you for everything you are doing!

How to Create Heaven on Earth One Step at a Time.

In this conversation, Norie Huddle & Don Gies tip the very first tiny domino, telling the story of how the Global Domino Summit Series was "born." They share a number of ideas for how we REALLY CAN create Heaven on Earth NOW! In this session, we begin to look in a whole new way at the world and how we create our reality!

Don Gies

The Process of Reprogramming Your Mind

Don Gies talks about his journey of awakening and a simple yet profound protocol for healing yourself and collectively creating Heaven on Earth.

Don Can Be Found on Instagram @Becomingthedivinevessel

Norie Huddle

The Best Game on Earth

Norie Huddle shares some stories from her life and why her “boots-on-the-ground” experience gives her confidence that we - humanity - can create Heaven on Earth and turn the Earth back into a Garden of Paradise. This interview is a Call To Action that carries forward her October 2017 TEDxTalk in Winnipeg.

Norie's most recent book (and only novel), "Return To The Garden", which has received all 5-star reviews on Amazon Kindle, is found here.

Because of Teachable's algorithms, we can't post her other books here, but please send Norie a message if you'd like to receive a list of books, information about her coaching & other programs - and a gift: Put DOMINO SUMMIT REQUEST in the Subject line.

Martin Rutte

Project Heaven On Earth

Martin Rutte tells some amazing stories about what happened when he first started asking people their ideas for how to create Heaven on Earth.

Martin also offers us some fantastic ideas for simple things we each can do to help spread the GOOD NEWS.

Martin's book: Project Heaven on Earth -

Yumi Kikuchi

The Connection Practice

Yumi Kikuchi learned Connection Practice in 2007 and 2009, then became a certified trainer in 2014. She is the first Japanese Certified Trainer and since 2014, she and her husband, Gen Morita, have been teaching the Connection Practice in Japan and Hawaii.

Yumi feels great hope when she sees the transformation that takes place in people taking her courses. She believes strongly that learning the skills of non-violent communication and connection will enable humanity to create a peaceful and sustainable world that works for all of us.

Marylin & Carl

Private Concert & Thoughts on Communication

Always interested in studying and performing all styles of music, destiny entwined their paths and Carl and Marily began their beautiful collaboration.

Through their music, they share joy and love of life. We had the pleasure of connecting with them and enjoying their music in the Garden of Paradise near Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Robert Toporek

"Team Children"

Robert Toporek has been working on transforming the body structure of bodily deformed infants and children since 1975 after he learned a powerful type of bodywork, "Structural Integration," from Dr. Ida Rolf. In this interview, Robert talks about his experience in working with thousands of people, mostly children and babies, all over the world.

Charles Tchoreret

Heaven on Earth in Africa

In this interview, Charles Tchoreret shares his beautiful vision for making Africa a Heaven on Earth continent - indeed, he presents compelling evidence that Africa is already much closer to Heaven on Earth than most places.

The Greatness Trilogy: The Secrets for a Wildly Successful Life

• Learn the true meaning of greatness, and find out if you consider yourself to be successful.

• Integrate the trilogy, Business Fitness and Spirituality as an integral part of your business model.

• Learn why focusing solely on making money is the wrong approach to achieving lasting success.

• Learn how to achieve your success based on solid foundations.

This powerful book is innovative, inspirational, and a bar raiser for those who want the best out of life, and greatness from themselves!

Linda Duong

Connection: The "Currency" To Happiness

Linda Duong tells her inspiring life story and how she came to understand that the connections and relationships with people are what truly brings happiness into our lives. When we are happy, we naturally are creating Heaven on Earth in our lives and relationships.

Connection - The Currency to Happiness

Access Your Happiness. Right Here. Right Now

Are you there yet? What are you seeking at the moment? What are you searching for? When will you stop searching and be ultimately happy?

In this book you will discover how to think about happiness and true contentment in the simplest way possible. Find your way to the true heart of personal happiness with the proven formula to access true contentment.

Dr. Susan Phillips Cohen

Connecting With Our Beloved Pets

In this interview, Dr. Susan Phillips Cohen describes her unique journey in discovering her life's work: helping people cope with the loss of their beloved pets. In discovering her life's work, Susan shows us how each of us can use a similar process to find our own life's work.

As we each find the work that truly nourishes our souls, we are each contributing to creating Heaven on Earth in our own unique ways.

Leeza Carlone Steindorf

Finding Common Truths and Honoring Others' Paths

In this interview, Leezá Carlone Steindorf talks about the importance of bridging gaps in understanding between people living in different paradigms, and thereby creating a larger and shared vision and understanding.

Leeza is also the author of the book "Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids," which is the operating manual for happy parenting and creating successful empowered kids that we all wish we could have had before we had kids. And it works whether they’re 5 or 25!” — JACK CANFIELD, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul®

As a communication and conflict resolution expert, Leezà Carlone Steindorf facilitates both personal and professional development. Her work with individuals and organizations helps to build positive relationships, streamline processes and fuel creativity. Leeza lived and worked in Europe for 25+ years and in her consulting business there engaged with team members and served clients from over 35 different cultures.

 She is a leadership coach, life coach, business consultant and motivational keynote speaker. She has an extensive global background with world-class leaders, multinational corporations, educational institutions, youth and families. Leeza helps people gain clarity amid unrest, simplify structures from complexity, transform tension into solid relationships and maintain a positive, forward-thinking attitude, especially during the most extreme of circumstances.

 Developer of the CORE (Clarity-Ownership-Resolution-Excellence) Success model, Leeza also draws from her experience as a professional development trainer for domestic and international school systems. Additional certifications and accreditations include Certified Mediator, Jack Canfield Success Trainer, Tony Robbins Results Coach, International Coach Federation accredited member and Feldenkrais® Somatic Education Practitioner. Leeza has authored several books and trainings, including Parenting Success Blueprint e-training, the award-winning book Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids, and CORE Success for Schools.

 Currently based in Oregon, Leeza is the proud parent of two adult children. She enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, running, and exploring where quantum physics and spirituality overlap.

 Contact Leezá for a free consult to see how you can benefit from her guidance.

Josh Dharma

Healing Trauma & Realizing Unity Consciousness

In this interview, Josh Dharma talks about his amazing life story and his profound realizations about why we are here on this Earth at this time.

To go to Josh's website, click here: Dharma Portal 

Atossa Soltani

Returning to Nature & Honoring The Amazon

In this interview, Atossa Soltani describes her work as the global director of strategy for the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative. The Initiative is working to protect the entire Amazon Rainforest, a critical part of creating Heaven on Earth.

Atossa tells how she became inspired to save the Amazon and explains in a clear, compelling manner the critically important role the Amazon Rainforest plays in shaping the global climate, as well as strategies for educating people about the Amazon Rainforest.

Atossa is one of the brilliant thinkers whose vision for the future is presented in a new book, The New Possible: Visions of Our World Beyond Crisis

About the book:

"2020 upended every aspect of our lives. But where is our world heading next? Will pandemic, protests, economic instability, and social distance lead to deeper inequalities, more nationalism, and further erosion of democracies around the world? Or are we moving toward a global re-awakening to the importance of community, mutual support, and the natural world? In our lifetimes, the future has never been so up for grabs.

"The New Possible offers twenty-eight unique visions of what can be, if instead of choosing to go back to normal, we choose to go forward to something far better. Assembled from global leaders on six continents, these essays are not simply speculation. They are an inspiration and a roadmap for action."

Michael Elley

Healing The Earth With The Gifts Nature Provides Us

In this interview, we learn about the remarkable life story of Michael Elley who has dedicated most of his life to finding extraordinary natural solutions for many problems humanity faces, including pest control, tree-free paper, natural products that don't have negative side effects, and highly effective natural cancer treatments.

Norie Huddle & Don Gies

Closing Thoughts & Future Global Domino Summits

Norie and Don wrap up the first "Tip The Global Domino Summit" with some closing thoughts and their main take-aways from our amazing speakers.

Norie and Don also discuss the next summit on healing trauma and what they hope to accomplish for future "Tip The Global Domino Summits."

Since it's said that organizing creative people like you and us is "like herding cats," you'll enjoy this little video that shows how dominos offer a fun way to herd cats. We suggest watching it at 2x speed: Cat Domino Video

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