Finding & Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose Summit – Holly Clark

Holly Clark

Saturday 2:00PM EST

CEO & Co-Founder of the Earth Pulse Collective

Curiosity and passion. Explorer of human consciousness. A visionary who sees people being empowered through the creation of an education system specifically designed to deliver human mastery. Over the past 10 years, Holly has traveled the world, studying and experiencing countless spiritual pathways and healing modalities.

Starting in her teens, Holly began working as a physical trainer, followed by 2.5 years studying Bio-Medical Science. Uninspired by the Western system for health, Holly went on to complete a 4-year degree in Health Science, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Alongside her formal training, she also studied Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, The Emotion Code, numerous Emotional Liberation and Somatic Healing techniques, Reiki, Breathwork, Osho meditations, Vedic philosophy, Buddhism and various types of talk therapy.

Six years into her solo exploration of spirituality and healing, Holly started working as a healer, coach and transformational facilitator. She assumed the role of 'guiding light' for those who were also choosing physical, psychological and spiritual liberation. Holly's processes became a divine combination of 'the best of the best' tools and techniques she had acquired over the years.

Wanting to go deeper still, Holly began working with psychedelics in her late 20's. Her passion and expertise lay in bridging the gap between spiritual experiences and theoretical understandings of awakening.

Holly Clark is an inspirational visionary, a gifted teacher, a healer, a speaker, an author and a powerful psychedelics facilitator. She runs an international company dedicated to supporting tens of thousands of people to awaken. Holly is a debunker of spiritual myths and the creator of a process for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual mastery that is not only possible, but accessible to everyone.

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