Finding & Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose Summit 

– Kim Weichel

Kim Weichel

Monday 11:30AM EST

Kimberly Weichel is a social entrepreneur, women's leadership specialist, cross-cultural communicator, peacebuilder, author, and non-profit leader who has worked on the forefront of building bridges between cultures and peoples for over 30 years. She is a passionate advocate and champion for women’s and girls’ advancement and leadership, leading international NGO's that train and mentor women, advocate for policies & legislation to end violence against women, encourage women's active involvement in peacebuilding and support women stepping into politics.

Kim has extensive global experience living and working in South Africa, East Africa, Southeast Asia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Germany, Canada and Australia where she worked with UN and other global agencies.

With her husband. Kim teaches at the Lifelong Learning Institute at American University. She is a Senior Advisor to the International Youth Peace Forum that mentors young people to establish peacebuilding projects in their countries, and is an Ambassador for the new Every Woman Global Treaty to end violence against women. She completed her B.A. and Masters’ degrees from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and was awarded fellowships to Europe and Asia, including a Rotary Peace Fellowship to Bangkok.

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