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Day 1 -

10AM EST - Magda Kay

Magda Kay is an intimacy expert, certified Tantra teacher, speaker, and author on a mission to help individuals around the world experience more love, pleasure, and intimacy. For almost a decade, her advice on relationship dynamics has helped countless singles and couples alike live more fulfilling and authentic lives in and outside of the bedroom.

Magda has shared her unique perspective on intimacy and relationships at many international events, including the Women Economic Forum in India, Women EmpowHer by Entrepreneurs' Organization, the University of Nottingham in Malaysia, and multiple Tantra & wellness festivals.

After losing her first love because she was unable to orgasm, Magda embarked on a journey of sexual healing. She traveled to Bali, Nepal, India, and Thailand to study Tantra, conscious sexuality, yoga, bodywork, and energy healing, and today she helps to spread these vital Tantric teachings around the world.

With a degree and background in business, Magda has a natural gift for translating esoteric concepts into practical, easy-to-understand ideas so that everyone can enjoy the fulfilling intimate life they deserve.

A cornerstone of her mission is to help men and women free themselves from the sexual shame and societal expectations, allowing them to live a life that is truly theirs. In her free time, you’ll see her in the crossfit gym, diving with sharks, or playing with motocross. She is fluent in Polish, English, and Italian.

Magda is the founder of the School of Intimacy, an online academy that teaches people essential skills for building happy, passionate relationships with others and themselves. She also works one-on-one with individual clients both online and in person.

11:30AM EST - Nakula Das 

Nakula is one of the most passionate and fascinating coaches in the personal
development niche and responsible for the success of more than 2000 men, in less than 2 years! He is the founder of "The Semen Retention Army" & "Become A Sexual Alchemist" 

In fact, during his run for office in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election, his impact on men was so successful that it landed him on major news outlets worldwide.

Well, there is no mistake that he acts as the catalyst for men to embrace their inner self, cultivate their spirit, and completely transform their way of thinking regarding their careers and body.

But there is one thing that truly distinguishes him from the rest.

While reading the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, Nakula immediately recognized the significance of sexual energy in a man's life and since then, made it his purpose to help men change their mindset and reach their maximum potential by teaching them the art of Sexual Transmutation, the process of using this energy to achieve the focus and discipline of a monk.

But what makes Nakula different from other “Self-development” coaches?

With his mission being to finish Napoleon Hill’s work Nakula established his “Training Grounds”, where through his extensive and detailed courses as well as his daily valuable content reveals the untold secrets that are bound to equip the modern man with the virtues of leadership and masculinity while also taming their inner sexual temptation.

As I mentioned earlier his determination to achieve this goal had led to thousands of men like you  exceeding mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, if you are ready to try your absolute hardest to claim your desires, you can be the next!

1PM EST - Manuel Bolley

Manuel Bolley is a 24 year old men's coach and author.

He is blissfully engaged, and resides in Austria's beautiful capital city, Vienna.

Manuel's purpose is to teach men to establish a successful marriage, which involves everything from developing the man in all aspects to providing him with the necessary tools and a blueprint to help him navigate the difficulties of marriage.

Manuel believes that your purpose is the reason God placed you on this planet. You've gone through your own set of trials and tribulations. All of this works to prepare you for guiding men through the same predicament.

For Manuel, that has always meant becoming a man who is secure in himself and his manhood, as well as establishing a fulfilling and successful marriage.

He battled with these ideas early on because he grew up in a narcissistic and abusive environment. Self-hatred, misanthropy, compartmentalization, an inability to connect with people, and the constant dulling of his pain with substances and porn were all results of his traumatic childhood.

He has overcome the most of these hardships on his own and has often wished he had someone on whom he could rely. Someone who could lead him through the darkness. That's why he decided to become that person for other men; Holistic Manhood was born.

3PM EST - Rama Lunin

Rama Lunin is a men's coach that is passionate about helping men overcome pornography addiction for good. Rama became interested in mastering his sexual energy when he had the opportunity to live as a monk for seven years. During this time, he learned the art and the science of sexual alchemy as well as a number of different techniques to bio-hack the body. 

He primarily gives his guidance to his 126K followers on his YouTube Channel "The Living Monk" where he describes the dangers of pornography. He is also the founder of the "7 Day NoFap" challenge where he leads dozens of men into reclaiming their power over their pornography addiction and usage. 

4:30PM EST - Stefanie Marco

Stefanie Marco is a somatic healing and polarity coach whose foundational methods are based in 20 years of studies in Eastern Spiritual Sciences including Tantra, Taoism, Kundalini and Tibetan Buddhism.

Her process takes a neuro-scientific approach, shifting client’s sub conscious programming to unblock resistances to love, creativity, leadership and abundance. Stefanie works with singles and couples in the areas of inner child re-parenting and shadow work as well as cultivating sexual energy healing, relational polarity, reprogramming blocks to intimacy through various trauma informed methods, conscious communication practices, yogic sciences and meditations.

She leads global live and online retreat experiences that are both playful and deeply transformative.

7PM EST - Mariana Moreno

Mariana Moreno is a dedicated spiritual life coach, specializing in guiding men and women through the process of healing, recovering from heartbreak, and rediscovering their inner peace. Her own journey through a toxic relationship spanning numerous years has inspired her to assist others in finding themselves once again after enduring similar hurtful situations.

With over two years of experience as a coach in this space, Mariana obtained her certification through the esteemed Dharma Coaching Institute. Her training equips her with an extensive toolkit of techniques and methodologies, allowing her to provide tailored strategies to meet her clients' unique needs.

Mariana's compassionate approach and empathetic nature foster a safe and nurturing environment for her clients. She skillfully combines spiritual wisdom, introspection, and practical tools to empower individuals to reclaim their self-worth, heal their emotional wounds, and cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and joy in their lives.

Passionate about spreading her message of self-love and healing, Mariana actively engages with her audience through her Instagram and TikTok pages, @freespiritedlatina.

For anyone who is ready to break free from the shackles of heartbreak and find solace within themselves, Mariana Moreno offers a compassionate and empowering hand to guide them towards a life filled with self-love, healing, and inner peace.

Day 2 

10AM EST - Dox Digga

Dox Diggla, the Founder of MEDed llc. (Meditation Education), aka “Brick Citi Buddha” is a heralded highly sought after meditation teacher, mentor, life coach, counselor, artist, public speaker, activist & much more.

A survivor of suicidal attempts, depression, kidney failure & even blindness Dox rose from the ashes of his turmoil in legendary fashion to become a pillar of his community. A champion of mental health and spiritual wellness via his unique approach to Yoga, specifically meditation.

Dox's path to personal & community healing started with his studies in the ancient science of yoga.

Once securing his foundational understanding Dox chose to take a sabbatical within and continued to learn modalities from all over the world on his own which he now incorporates into his teachings but in a style that's accessible to any demographic. Dox has already worked with an extremely diverse range of clients from the affluent to the impoverished, 1st graders to CEO's and effectively helps his rapidly expanding global client base discover the healers laying dormant within themselves.

11:30AM EST - Justin Patrick Pierce & Londin Angel Winters

Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters are parents, business partners, best friends, and passionate lovers. They are known internationally for their transformative work in personal growth and sacred intimacy and are the co-authors of Playing With Fire: The Spiritual Path of Intimate Relationship and The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting Love. Together, they lead transformative, high-end retreats that immerse attendees in their signature training, Yoga of Intimacy. 

Justin and Londin have been studying and practicing sacred intimacy for more than a decade under the tutelage of world-renowned teachers. They educate men and women on spiritual and intimate development through a unique hands-on approach that prioritizes practicality over theory.

Students of Justin and Londin truly learn what it takes to bring tangible change into their daily lives and relationships. Those who work with them enjoy a rare opportunity to learn from a real-life couple who have mastered the complex dynamics of modern relationships, turned the result into something beautiful and harmonious, and are experts at helping others do the same.

2PM EST - Kevin Orosz

Kevin is a coach, entrepreneur, performance philosopher, and student of humanity’s myths.

He is driven by offering his voice and presence to improve the lives of people all over the world, and has led retreats and spoken at masterminds internationally teaching the art of polarity. Through his book “Sex, Masculinity, & God: The Trialogues”, online courses, evolutionary men’s work, and private mentorship, Kevin teaches others how to create more impact and success, ignite polarity in relationships, and claim their kingdom.

Kevin Orosz is a High Performance Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, and Podcast Host. He is also a Performance Philosopher, Folk Psychologist, Spoken Word Poet, Public Speaker, RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, & Freestyle MC.

Using his multidisciplinary approach, Kevin guides clients to break through all manner of limiting beliefs, outdated modalities, and constricting paradigms to uncover their unique story and live their soul’s purpose. He focuses on where the mind, body, and soul meet, developing spiritual awareness and mindset abilities by mastering the science of life through practical and radical mindset techniques.

3:30PM EST - Gene Gerrienne

Gene is a Ex-Nice Guy, Ex-Macho. Raised by his grandma without a father figure Gene experienced significant childhood trauma and entered the dating market as a nice guy. Plagued by insecurities and shame, his relationships turned into hell. His initial antidote was the macho-approach. While successful in attracting women, this only made things worse. 

Tired by the lack of deep and emotional connection Gene set out on a path of self-discovery to finally heal. His healing was inspired by Carl Jung, Joe Dispenza and Sigmund Freud.

This path of self-love helped him attract and retain high-value women.

Because fundamentally women only love men who love themselves.

~One who has a 'why' to live for can endure any 'how'~

Day 3

10AM EST - Nikki Donnelly

After experiencing a dramatic breakup that left her emotionally exhausted and a single mother of three, Nikki sought out to fix her traumas. After working with her therapists and coaches, they suggested to her that she should be a coach to people who suffered from a similar experience. 

Nikki jumped in feet first and became certified in NLP. hypno-therapy and EFT and works passionately with men and women that are going through the challenge of breaking up. Its Nikki's passion to "save them the five years it took her". 

Nikki primarily works 1:1 with clients and takes them through a transformational process of re-writing the internal story we tell ourselves about the trauma we have experienced around our breakups. She empowers her clients to step into a new paradigm of shifting your perspective into something empowering, healing and transformational. 

11:30AM EST - Ismael Gomez

Ismael Gomez III is a Cuban-American mentor, speaker, and film director. Born and bred in Havana, Cuba, Gomez immigrated to the United States as a teenager. His constant obsession and inclination toward storytelling led him to pursue a degree in Communications with a major in Film Studies.

Brimming with newfangled ideas, Gomez spent his 20s creating bewitching stories that focused on relationship dynamics and existential themes of the human condition. Some of these titles like “Death of a Fool” and “Distance” went on to be distributed globally on Amazon Prime Video. As a New York Film Academy alumni, he also collaborated in projects that screened in Miami, Cannes, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Denver international film festivals. 

As social media kept evolving and audiences found new methods to consume information, Gomez gradually shifted from creating feature length films to short-format video content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. This new path inspired him to create his personal brand Save The Messenger, where he invests his time creating live events, articles, masterclasses and informative videos to share his experiences and insights about building harmonious relationships with oneself and others.

1:30PM EST - Luci Lampe

Luci Lampe is a mom of 4, trauma-informed sex & relationship coach, award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress & print model, and 3X author. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes,, CBS, and Fox.

After overcoming an autoimmune disorder and embarking on a deep healing journey and spiritual awakening during her husband’s 2-year disability and depression, Luci returns with a bold message of Love, courage, and freedom.

Musically, she boasts a hooking pop sound with soulful, heartfelt vocals (think: The Weeknd meets Christina and Shakira). Professionally, she draws upon her studies and certifications in neurolinguistic programming, somatic experiencing™️, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, counseling, EFT tapping, and her degree in Exercise Science, to create unique, powerful programs and curricula for her clients and members.

3:30PM EST - Terrin Ammar

Terrin Ali Ammar, the visionary founder of the Queen Kollective, empowers women to heal, transform, and embrace their true potential. As a certified trauma-informed practitioner, she creates a safe space for women to learn, navigate, and heal from trauma while reconnecting with their authentic feminine essence. Terrin's mission extends beyond personal healing, as she assembles a collective of women to make a positive global impact. Through the Queen Kollective, she invites leaders to embrace higher levels of leadership, forming a divine army of truth seekers, light warriors, and Queens dedicated to co-creating a better world for women everywhere.

Terrin Ali Ammar is an inspiring mentor and business professional. With a diverse background as a former Division 1 Women's basketball player, single mom turned multi 7-figure business owner, and wellness expert, she is dedicated to helping women overcome obstacles and live joy-filled lives. Through personal development programs and transformative wellness initiatives, Terrin encourages women to break free from limiting patterns and embrace their true potential.

Despite facing adversity, Terrin has achieved remarkable success. She built a multi 7-figure business, trained sales forces for a $65 million organization, and created influential women's leadership programs. As a survivor of domestic violence, Terrin's personal journey of growth and healing led her to become a certified trauma-informed practitioner. With her wisdom and strength, she empowers women to heal, discover their purpose, and thrive. Terrin's commitment to transforming lives and creating a lasting impact makes her a true catalyst for change in the lives of women worldwide.

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