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Dox Digga

Dox Diggla, the Founder of MEDed llc. (Meditation Education), aka “Brick Citi Buddha” is a heralded highly sought after meditation teacher, mentor, life coach, counselor, artist, public speaker, activist & much more.

A survivor of suicidal attempts, depression, kidney failure & even blindness Dox rose from the ashes of his turmoil in legendary fashion to become a pillar of his community. A champion of mental health and spiritual wellness via his unique approach to Yoga, specifically meditation.

Dox's path to personal & community healing started with his studies in the ancient science of yoga.

Once securing his foundational understanding Dox chose to take a sabbatical within and continued to learn modalities from all over the world on his own which he now incorporates into his teachings but in a style that's accessible to any demographic. Dox has already worked with an extremely diverse range of clients from the affluent to the impoverished, 1st graders to CEO's and effectively helps his rapidly expanding global client base discover the healers laying dormant within themselves.



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