Luci Lampe - Maintaining Eroticism In Long-Term Relationships

Luci Lampe

Luci Lampe is a mom of 4, trauma-informed sex & relationship coach, award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress & print model, and 3X author. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes,, CBS, and Fox.

After overcoming an autoimmune disorder and embarking on a deep healing journey and spiritual awakening during her husband’s 2-year disability and depression, Luci returns with a bold message of Love, courage, and freedom.

Musically, she boasts a hooking pop sound with soulful, heartfelt vocals (think: The Weeknd meets Christina and Shakira). Professionally, she draws upon her studies and certifications in neurolinguistic programming, somatic experiencing™️, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, counseling, EFT tapping, and her degree in Exercise Science, to create unique, powerful programs and curricula for her clients and members.



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