Manuel Bolley - Attachment Theory & Masculine Leadership

Manuel Bolley

Manuel Bolley is a 24 year old men's coach and author.

He is blissfully engaged, and resides in Austria's beautiful capital city, Vienna.

Manuel's purpose is to teach men to establish a successful marriage, which involves everything from developing the man in all aspects to providing him with the necessary tools and a blueprint to help him navigate the difficulties of marriage.

Manuel believes that your purpose is the reason God placed you on this planet. You've gone through your own set of trials and tribulations. All of this works to prepare you for guiding men through the same predicament.

For Manuel, that has always meant becoming a man who is secure in himself and his manhood, as well as establishing a fulfilling and successful marriage.

He battled with these ideas early on because he grew up in a narcissistic and abusive environment. Self-hatred, misanthropy, compartmentalization, an inability to connect with people, and the constant dulling of his pain with substances and porn were all results of his traumatic childhood.

He has overcome the most of these hardships on his own and has often wished he had someone on whom he could rely. Someone who could lead him through the darkness. That's why he decided to become that person for other men; Holistic Manhood was born.



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