Terrin Ammar- Embodying Healthy Femininity In Relationships 

Terrin Ammar

Terrin Ali Ammar, the visionary founder of the Queen Kollective, empowers women to heal, transform, and embrace their true potential. As a certified trauma-informed practitioner, she creates a safe space for women to learn, navigate, and heal from trauma while reconnecting with their authentic feminine essence. Terrin's mission extends beyond personal healing, as she assembles a collective of women to make a positive global impact. Through the Queen Kollective, she invites leaders to embrace higher levels of leadership, forming a divine army of truth seekers, light warriors, and Queens dedicated to co-creating a better world for women everywhere.

Terrin Ali Ammar is an inspiring mentor and business professional. With a diverse background as a former Division 1 Women's basketball player, single mom turned multi 7-figure business owner, and wellness expert, she is dedicated to helping women overcome obstacles and live joy-filled lives. Through personal development programs and transformative wellness initiatives, Terrin encourages women to break free from limiting patterns and embrace their true potential.

Despite facing adversity, Terrin has achieved remarkable success. She built a multi 7-figure business, trained sales forces for a $65 million organization, and created influential women's leadership programs. As a survivor of domestic violence, Terrin's personal journey of growth and healing led her to become a certified trauma-informed practitioner. With her wisdom and strength, she empowers women to heal, discover their purpose, and thrive. Terrin's commitment to transforming lives and creating a lasting impact makes her a true catalyst for change in the lives of women worldwide.



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